Pulp testing

The fibre language gives you new possibilities. Modern optical technique makes it possible to analyze fibre properties statistically and in detail. Since the measurements are automatic with good repeatability they are suitable for online measurements. For example paper strength properties can be predicted quite well from the fibre properties including coarseness.

Runnability problems in the paper machine and paper quality deviations can be created from different types of fines, shives or vessel cells in the pulp. The problems can also be a result of unknown variations in fibre mix, fibre quality or refining. If appropriate pulp quality properties are measured continuously in the process it is easy to see correlations with other things happening in the process and this enables taking correct actions and strategies based on measured facts. Early detection of deviations in quality makes early corrective actions possible. A uniform pulp quality creates the best situation for optimization of the paper machine, which is the base for a uniform paper quality, and is the most important quality property in itself.

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