L&W Pulp Tester Fiber Morphology

L&W Pulp Tester Fiber Morphology measures fibre properties such as width, length, shape factor, fines, and coarseness. It is the only online fibre analyser on the market following the latest international standard for fibre length measurements (ISO 16065-2:2007). It is based on our L&W Fiber Tester in which the fibres are oriented in an image plane in the measurement cell and do not admit spread in the direction perpedicular to this plane. The tight gap is widened during the washing cycle, which takes place before and after each measurement.

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L&W Pulp Tester Fiber Morphology Plus is an upgraded version of L&W Pulp Tester Fiber Morphology that gives the opportunity to manage furnish refining on a new level. Managing refining leads to energy and fibre savings. By analyzing how well the fibres intertwine and creates network it is possible to ensure paper strength without adding unnecessary energy into the pulp. L&W Pulp Tester Fiber Morphology Plus enables detection of external macrofibrillation and classification of fines. The new measurements corresponds to the popular L&W Fiber Tester Plus and includes fibril area, fibril perimeter and two classes of fines.

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